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                                T​ONY MASON




It's here! Finally! I'm so excited as the long awaited and VERY FIRST MUSIC VIDEO for me is HERE! So before you click the link I have to give some honor where it's due.


This film is dedicated to the memory and LEGACY of the late Dr. Myles Munroe. Words cannot express the gratitude for his deposit in my life and family. The vision for "transforming followers into leaders, and leaders into agents of change is unprecedented in its affect on our culture and my personal and family life. I must thank then following:

Joel Wade CEO of BLUE HOUSE MEDIA GROUP for his creative hand as Director/Editor & Chief Camera Op. His crew, Lyndon Alverez: 2nd camera op, Levi Cathcar: Co-Director and Erik Ingraham: Production Assistant.

Actors: Eddie Jaramillo, LaDonna Jaramillo, Eddie Jaramillo Jr., Isabella Jaramillo, Serenity Jaramillo, Trinity Jaramillo and Precieux Jaramillo for their sacrifice and role in the making of this short film.

Thanks to Ms. Nannette Coleman and Booker T. Washington High School and staff (Lincoln Cochran and the BTW High School Student Orchestra, Stage and lights crew) Tulsa Public School System

Brian Jones: Keyboardist

Elijah Hill Jr.: Drums

Personal Thanks to:

RaDonna Mason for standing and not giving up when it looked like there was no movement.

Micah Mason, Tai Mason, Tony Mason II, for giving me a reason to keep moving forward. Bishop Gary McIntosh for challenging and helping guide the vision, and the prayer support for me personally.

Going Hard for Christ/Pastor Lawrence Peoples for being my friend and brother through the toughest times and teaching others to become leaders.

Prayer Warriors: Jennie Finley, Ashleigh Claytor, Dr. Paula Price, and PPM Global for covering me and my family with consistent prayer!

Contributors: Dr. Darrell Wilson ACTS CHURCH MINISTRIES INTL

Quedon Baul: Q-Radio Productions

Jessicka Gayden: Destiny of Faith Church, Ron Lazard: Lk Charles LA.

I am so excited to present to you the first of many short films that help you discover the greatness and purpose already inside of you! LET'S GET IT...

Blog Space

"Music is known as the "Universal Language easily understood by all who hear it; no matter your age, gender, or race." I was given the gift of music to share with earth and leave my gift of music to generations that come after me. It is a privilege and an honor to be able to share my heart and life in song. I don't take it lightly when given the opportunity to wake up daily and occupy space on planet earth. Therefore we must run hard after purpose and pursue destiny at a completely different pace. Reflecting on a conversation I had with Dr. Munroe over breakfast several years ago, I asked him what many think is a controversial question when you are in the Kingdom of God. I told him that I had a passion for writing and releasing a project of LOVE SONGS. I asked him what he thought about it. His answer confirmed why I want to see marriage/family relationships succeed. He said. "I don't know what you've been waiting for. " We need that in the Body of Christ. Who better to do it than someone who understands what real love is". He said the music/entertainment system is in desperate need of "Kingdom Ambassadors" just like the financial and educational systems do." It set me free from the mindset that many have about church and relationships. Interesting...


Welcome to TMMI/MASTONE MUSIC INC. The official home of singer, songwriter, producer, author and speaker Tony Mason. I hope you enjoy what you see and hear while you visit my web space. My purpose is to make music that will inspire the whole man and help set a standard that affects the current culture. To write/produce songs and literature that speak to EVERYTHING we should be successful in. Melodies about GOD, life, love, purpose, relationships, self-worth, marriage, family... music about life and culture and the concerns of mankind. I believe that life without a purpose or vision is mere existence, and we weren't created to merely exist; but to live a full, passionate, and abundant life! Through strong leadership and accountability my goal is to help us to discover who we really are! We write and produce material to tell life's stories. As a former Warner Brothers/Elektra Records recording artist with the group MASON, I was privileged to have had the opportunity to learn how to hande success and failure in my life through that experience. I've learned much from being in the music business and industry. I am wiser and more focused having had the experience of mainstream music life; and I'm a better man for it. Having said all I hope you...Enjoy your visit...but come back often and bring others with you!


In honor of Dr. Myles Munroe and Mrs. Ruth Munroe and by personal mandate of Dr. Munroe, I am in the midst of reproducing a Music/Visual Project entitled "Discovery of a King". This musical venture was inspired by his wisdom and message of the Kingdom. I have recently completed the first of eight Music Videos to accompany the CD recording and now need to finalize and close the budget for this venture. The song/video "Leader Inside of Me" is posted here below. The budget for this DISCOVERY OF A KING PROJECT is $25,000.00. If this video inspires and motivates you, and you would like to see more projects like this in the music and entertainment industry please consider donating to the DISCOVERY OF A KING PROJECT so that we may fulfill the mission of sending positive influential entertainment into the marketplace; that will help inspire generations to pursue purpose and destiny! Please select the PAYPAL BUTTON BELOW and make a donation. Thank you in advance for helping spread the Kingdom message to the world!

Please watch and click the donate button to give...

Special words from Dr. Myles Munroe:

Tony Mason is a rare breed of emerging musicians and psalmists’ destined to leave a legacy for generations to come. His authentic, fresh, energetic and anointed brand of music and writing emits an originality that will produce a niche for itself in the marketplace. I have been “personally inspired and edified” by his work and know he will make a tremendous impact on the church and the world. His commitment to expressing the kingdom message in his music and writing places him at the leading edge of the 21st century which will be the “Century of the Kingdom”. I am honored to endorse and recommend him for your next gathering. I am sure all who hear him will be inspired to believe and their faith will be stirred to worship the king."

Dr. Myles Munroe

BFMI/Nassau Bahamas

The "Rediscovering the Atmosphere of God Worship Encounter" Promo

Creating a "new" Culture is the most effective way to change society. Create the culture, and the culture creates the environment. Don't be the status quo, create the status quo. Capitalize on the strengths of a strong moral culture and build to overcome its weaknesses. Also, celebrate relationships. Fathers hug and hold your daughters and sons. Affirm them. Tell them who they really are. Not the mistakes they make or shortcomings they have. Remind them they are not what they've done, and help them overcome by walking them through the mess. Don't leave your family to figure it out for themselves. If you're going to be the head, you must govern with equity and wisdom...

Product of the month:

"Rediscovering the Atmosphere of God" is a must read for worship leaders 

and those called to praise & worship and the music ministry! It offers valuable insight as to what God intended in the realm of praise & worship. It is now on sale! Please visit the web store tab above!

Please visit the web store to order my "LIMITED EDITION" Music Collection as well as other music and media products ON SALE NOW!

Discovery of a King Music CD

Tony is a worship leader and can be seen leading worship weekly in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he resides or wherever he is booked to do so. Please visit the contact page for booking! 

"Kingdom Living:

Kingdom living requires a whole new concept. We are living in a culture that is not familiar with the culture of a Kingdom; and it is difficult at best. Your cultural concepts will "clash" with the principles and concepts of a Kingdom. It is natural to follow the concepts of the culture that dominates your life. In order to understand what it means to live in a Kingdom, you must first understand that you BELONG to a King. If you belong to a King, then the King is TOTALLY responsible for your life! 

Quotes to live by:

" The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life lived without purpose"...